Day 5
    We headed for Fort Huachuca in the morning; security was tighter but no problem, and headed for Garden Canyon. I drove up past the upper picnic grove, up to and mile past Scheite Canyon, till I didn't trust the car on the road anymore and parked. We hiked 1.5 miles the rest of the way towards Saw Mill Canyon. Our goal - Buff-breasted Flycatcher. On the way up we added three more Trogons, plus Sulphur-bellied Flycatcher, Dusky-capped Flycatcher, Western Kingbird. We ran into three birders with a high clearance vehicle (they didn't have to hike!). They had just seen the flycatcher and we quickly found it, Nice Life Bird for me. Then a flock of Red Crossbills came in. We could hear a few Greater Pewees calling their "Jose-Maria" calls. On the way down we added Wild Turkey.

     The road leading to Ramsey Canyon yielded Scaled Quail and another roadrunner. Unfortunately the Ramsey Canyon parking lot was full, but Kelli managed to raid the gift shop while I waited in the car. We then had a long ride through Bisbee, (known for its copper mining ) to Douglas, where we added Chihuahuan Raven. We also saw a few dust devils. The heat of the day would stir up the wind and these swirling winds would pick up dirt and dust and look like baby tornadoes.

Chihuahuan Raven Scaled Quail Arizona Woodpecker


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