NYSOA Launches Searchable Ornithological Data Base

In January the New York State Ornithological Association (NYSOA) announced a terrific new resource for ornithologists, students, and birders. The Kingbird, NYSOA’s quarterly ornithological journal, has been in print since 1950. Now anyone can go online and search a database of 57 years of The Kingbird free of charge. Being able to find specific information quickly with a computer will save researchers the countless hours of work that were previously necessary when sifting through hundreds of paper issues of The Kingbird.

This unique research and educational resource, incorporating 229 issues of the journal, clearly demonstrates NYSOA’s commitment to its mission to “further the study of bird life and to disseminate knowledge thereof.” NYSOA expects that the data base will not only serve as a rich source of information for studies already underway but also stimulate new work on the birds of New York State. For birders, it is a treasure trove of information that can deepen understanding of field observations and trends….or simply provide hours of enjoyment or reminiscence.

The archive, which can be found at http://www.nybirds.org/KBsearch.htm, represents a $15,000 investment by NYSOA in the future of New York State’s birds. NYSOA volunteers spent well over 100 hours working on the project. The searchable data base currently contains about 8 million words on nearly 16,000 pages comprising more than 5,200 files. In addition, there is an online library of 229 full issues and 4 ten-year indices available for download or online browsing. Four issues of The Kingbird will be added to the archive each year.

With deep gratitude to past members who made bequests to NYSOA for educational purposes, and to all those who have contributed writings and observations to The Kingbird over the years, NYSOA encourages all birders and ornithologists to explore, utilize, and enjoy the archive. Check it out, even if just for fun, and spread word of it to others who share your passion for birds.