Disney 2006

Since this page is on the Hudson River Audubon web site, we need a few nature pictures first! (hey you might learn something!). Disney photo's are just below.

  Eastern Cottontail (Sylvilagus floridanus), found through much of the eastern US.


Oak Toad found one morning at Pop Century.
Fence Lizards were abundant but difficult to photograph


Bull Headed Dung Beetle (Onthophagus taurus)
(hey, its a cool bug!)
White Ibis are wild birds found in Florida.
They act like New York pigeons.

    Kelli and I, along with both our mothers, many of Kelli and her sister's relatives, and a few friends, 22 in all, enjoyed a week in Orlando, Florida. We all stayed at the Pop Century, Disney's latest motel complex. We stayed in the fifties decade area, complete with a bowling pin shaped swimming pool.

    Most of the time was spent in Disney. Kelli, my mother, a friend of ours Bill, and myself went to Seaworld one day. Kelli's nephews, Michael and Rich, and I spent a great day at Universal Studios Islands of Adventures, riding roller coasters all day.

Rich and Crew

Mom J. , Kelli, Michelle, Katie, Johannes, Mike and Kevin.

Great Egret at the Pop Century Lake

Kelli and Michael break from their diets and make out with potatoes.

ET rides home.

BillyPan soars over Neverland.

Mom B., and everyone else gets stuck on Living with the Land ride in Epcot.

It results in a behind the scenes walk through the building.


Luau - great food and company, plus a show.

No Luau is complete without one giant, pictured left.


Bill finds a date for the Luau.                        This guy never gets tired!


Mom B., Kelli and Michael at Shamu show at SeaWorld.

Shamu flips for the crowd.

Mike breaks the rules at the 50's Prime Time Cafe and pays the price.

"Now what did I do !"                                  "Oh, this time Tony gets caught!"

"The happiest place on Earth"!

Mike and Kelli with their new friend from Norway.

"SpectroMmagic Parade" and "IllumiNations"  brighten the night:

Some of us did meet Mickey

Bill, Kelli, Mom B, and Michael enjoy the Dinosaur ride at Animal Kingdom

Thanks for reading - Kelli and Michael

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