Hudson River Audubon Society

2018 Birdathon!


Hudson River Audubon’s BIRD-A-THON will be held Saturday, May 12th to raise money for the chapter. Teams will cover Westchester County to find as many bird species as we can. We should see over 100 species. Moneys will be used for the Butterfly Garden at Lenoir, our adult and children educational programs and to keep our printed newsletter.

You can help by making your pledge today. A BIRD-A-THON is like a walk-a-thon, bike-a-thon or any other “thon” in that we ask people to pledge X amount of money per lap, mile, or as in our case, bird species seen, within a 24 hour period. The combined list for the teams should be between 90 to 125 species. Pledges can be given for a flat rate such as $25.00 or you can pledge per species such as 25 cents/bird. If we see 120 species your pledge will come to $30.00. We will send out reminders after the bird-a-thon on how much you pledged. Thank you for your generous support! Please make checks out to Hudson River Audubon Society.

Michael Bochnik


  O I am happy to pledge $ _________ per species in support of your bird-a-thon.

  O I prefer to pledge the enclosed gift of $ _______________ 

  O I will give you an additional $ _________ if the ________________team spots a ________________(bird species).

  Name _______________________________________________________________


  City__________________________________ State_____________________ Zip Code_____________________

  Telephone ____________________________________________________________

  Send to: 
  Hudson River Audubon Society
  P.O. BOX 616
  Yonkers, New York 10703

  Make Donations Payable to HUDSON RIVER AUDUBON SOCIETY.

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