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A New York Chapter of the National Audubon Society  Audubon en Español
Serving the communities of Ardsley, Dobbs Ferry, Hastings-on-Hudson, Irvington and Yonkers
P.O. BOX 616  Yonkers, New York 10703

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Our mission is to foster protection and appreciation of birds, other wildlife and habitats, and to be an advocate for a cleaner, healthier environment.

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Lenoir Nature Preserve

Lenoir Hawk Watch

Lenoir Butterfly Garden

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2001 Resolution Declaring Lenoir a Nature Preserve and Wildlife Sanctuary


Upcoming Chapter Meetings, Field Trips and Programs


Hudson River Audubon Society Field Trip
Hempstead Lake State Park
Saturday, April 24, 2021
Meet at Field 3 in Hempstead Lake State Park 8 AM
Limited to 8 participants
Participants MUST pre-register, agree to wear masks and maintain 6 ft of social distancing.
Register for field trips by emailing Michael Bochnik at


Birds in Flight and Music
Wednesday, April 28, 2021 
7:30 pm on Zoom
Join the virtual Learning in Concert  program of The New Bedford (Ma)  Symphony Orchestra 
which will explore  bird flight patterns paired with classical music that moves in the same 
motion as each flight pattern. 
Featuring a performance by the New Bedford Symphony Orchestra, 
the program will include the world premiere of Jamie Allen’s Nightingale Concerto
 as well as music by Mendelssohn, Haydn, Vaughan Williams, and Strauss. 
Featured guests include Xavi Bou, photographer for the Project, 
Cisco the Great Horned Owl from the Buttonwood Park Zoo, and Stanford University’s David Lentink. 
Following the program, Ruth Deford Kotecha, HRAS board member 
and Professor Emerita of Music History at Hunter College, will lead a discussion and Q&A.
If you wish to participate in any of our on-line programs, send an email to requesting access and sign-in information.


29th Annual Mother’s Day Warbler Walk
Sunday May 9, 2021 
Meet at 10 AM at Lenoir Nature Preserve 
Limited to 12 participants
Participants MUST pre-register, agree to wear masks and maintain 6 ft of social distancing.
Register for field trips by emailing Michael Bochnik at

Join us for the 29th year of this Audubon tradition with a leisurely walk around 
the preserve on their paved paths. We will also visit the Beverly Smith Butterfly Garden.
 Spring migrants should be abundant.


Annual Bird-a-Thon 
Saturday May 15, 2020 
This year we will still try to find as many different species as possible in a single day. However, we won’t be doing it in groups. We will be looking for birds, as individuals, not in groups. You can help by birding your local park, or you can  pledge a donation based on the number of species we find. Pledge today. Pledges can be a flat amount such as $25.00, or you can pledge a given amount per species such as 25 cents per species. Then, if we see 120 species, your pledge will come to $30.00. Thanks for your generous support! Remember, even if you’re not participating, please pledge to the Bird-a-thon to make our efforts worth it and support Hudson River Audubon. Contact Michael Bochnik if you would like to help count birds

 ___ I am happy to pledge $ _________ per species in support of your bird-a-thon. 
___ I prefer to pledge the enclosed gift of $ ________ ___ 
I will give you an additional $_______ If you spot more than ___ species.
 Your Name :____________________________ 
Address: ____________________________ 
City ________________ State ____Zip _______ 
 Send to: Hudson River Audubon Society PO BOX 616 Yonkers, New York , NY 10703 
Make Your Donation Payable to HUDSON RIVER AUDUBON SOCIETY


Saturday June 19, 2021 
Shawangunk Grasslands National Wildlife Refuge 
Meet at the refuge at 8:00 AM 
Limited to 12 participants
Participants MUST pre-register, agree to wear masks and maintain 6 ft of social distancing.
Register for field trips by emailing Michael Bochnik at

Our visit may yield grassland species such as Eastern Meadowlark, Bobolink, Grasshopper and Savannah Sparrows. With luck, . Upland Sandpiper, Redheaded Woodpecker, and Henslow's Sparrows.  The refuge entrance is on Hoagerburgh Road, Wallkill, NY in Ulster County. Expect a 1-1/2hour drive. Bring water to keep hydrated as there is no shade in the grasslands. For Detailed Directions visit

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